Photo by Alma Dal Co

The Foundation develops stable collaborations with other Foundations and Institutions acting in the field of Music or Science and shares the mission of supporting talent, dedication and equal opportunity.


The Foundation collaborates with the International Society for Microbial Ecology (ISME), a global network of researchers and scientists in microbial ecology.
The Foundation and ISME have agreed to commemorate the life and work of Alma Dal Co by renaming the ISME Early Career Award to the Alma Dal Co Award. The Award, recognising researchers wit a maximum of ten years post Ph.D. aims to honor Alma Dal Co’s significant contributions to the field of microbial ecology, preserve her intellectual heritage, and inspire early career researchers to pursue ground-breaking research in the spirit of Alma’s passion for knowledge, innovation, and multidisciplinar interaction. The winner receives the prize and gives a talk during the plenary session of the biennial international ISME Symposium.
The Foundation, together with its Scientific Advisory Board, develops collaborations with the universities where Alma Dal Co studied and conducted research and teaching: University of Padua, University of Turin, Eawag-ETH of Zuerich, Harvard University of Cambridge MA, and UNIL of Lausanne. In Venice, the Foundation will collaborate with Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti for a biennial scientific interdisciplinary School. This School aims to bring together and inspire talented young researchers from various disciplines, including physics, mathematics, microbiology, quantitative biology, computer science, chemistry, and other interdisciplinary backgrounds. It will create links between young researchers and established scientists, and encourages interdisciplinary collaboration


Alma Dal Co received her diploma in piano from the Venice Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello in 2012. The Foundation collaborates with the Conservatorio and the Fondazione Ugo e Olga Levi, with which is established the annual Premio Alma Dal Co, awarded to outstanding students in various musical disciplines each year. The award ceremony takes place annually in Venice in autumn


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