Documents and Administration

The Deed of Incorporation signature on September 11th 2023.

From left: Michele Milani (witness) Margherita Turvani (founder), Francesca Guizzo (notary), Mario Dal Co (founder).

The Fondazione Alma Dal Co – Ente del Terzo Settore (FAD) was recognized in November, 2023, by the Italian Authorities with the inscription to the National Register for the Third Sector (RUNTS).

Here you can find the related documents:

  1. FAD Atto costitutivo e Statuto
  2. FAD Atto costitutivo  (EN version)
  3. FAD  Statuto (EN version)
  4. Decreto di iscrizione di FAD al RUNTS

Annual Reports

  • The first Annual Report (Relazione di Cassa) will be approved in April, 2024
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