The Foundation

The Fondazione Alma Dal Co – Ente del Terzo Settore was established on September 11th 2023. The Foundation is ruled by the Third Sector Code (Legislative Decree. 117/2017) and by the Italian Civil Code.
The Foundation has its registered seat in the Municipality of Venice.
The Foundation pursues civic, solidarity and socially useful purposes.

The art. 2 of the Statute states: “The Foundation aims to preserve, promote and enhance the spirit and the scientific vision that characterized Alma Dal Co commitment to study, research, teaching and music.”

The Foundation is the result of a collective effort of the international network of colleagues, mentors, and friends to give voice to Alma’s intellectual legacy, as a person, a scientist, and as a musician.

The Foundation was launched and presented in Lausanne at the Alma Dal Co Memorial Symposium on November 15th, 2023 by prof. Jonathan Rosand, Coordinator of the Scientific Advisory Board, and in Venice at the Alma Dal Co Award and Concert on December 2nd 2023, by Andrea Rinaldo, member of the Board of Directors.


The Foundation Alma Dal Co (FAD) logo aims to establish an immediate connection between science, music, the sea, the three major passions of Alma’s life.
In English, the sign of “mordente” or “mordent” is a music notation indicating that the note has to be played in a single rapid alternation with the note above or below.

The blue color and the two waves refer to the sea and to science.
The script’s font is a typeface named “bodoni” from Giambattista Bodoni, one of the major graphic designers, publishers, and printers.

Giambattista Bodoni 1740-1813

The logo…

…and the web version of the logo

Alma Dal Co Fondazione ETS

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