Alma in Music

Alma plays Liszt: 3 Etudes de concert, S. 144 – No. 3, Un sospiro

Alma Dal Co obtained a diploma in piano in June 2012 with top marks at the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory in Venice. Her Maestro was Silvia Urbanis and later Luca Romagnoli. In 2007 and 2008, she followed the masterclasses of Maestro Massimo Somenzi in Sappada. She accompanied the choir of the Piccoli Cantori Veneziani choir at the Malibran Theater on the anniversary of the Foundation of the State Police in May 2009. She held concerts at the University of Padua as part of the musical activities of the Mathematics Department and in April 2012 in Bologna at the Accademia Filarmonica on the occasion of a Masterclass held by Maestro Luca Romagnoli. In 2009, Alma also took lessons from soprano Francesca Scaini to improve voice control, especially in the high registers. The achievement of the piano diploma offered the opportunity for the first work commitment: she gave piano lessons, saying, “This is the first qualification that offers me the possibility of working”. In 2012, she performed two concerts at Palazzo Cavanis in Venice. The first was on June 6th, when she performed a piano soloist program—the second on December 19th, performing Polish Songs Opus 74 by Chopin as piano accompaniment for solo singers. Her piano interests were aimed at Bach, Chopin, Liszt, and early twentieth-century compositions. Also, during her master’s study in Turin and her Ph.D. in Zuerich, Alma came to Venice -every time it was possible – to reach friends and sang together in the Venetian female choir Látomás, created and directed by Maestro Diana D’Alessio, specialized in a repertoire of twentieth-century and contemporary music.

Alma plays Chopin:

Alma palys J. S. Bach, Preludio C Major, Well Tempered Clavier book 1.

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